GMI Mission Headquarters is located in Nairobi, Kenya, also known as the gateway to eastern Africa. Since missionary work began, the ministry has built over 330 churches, all of which are operational today.

Grace College of East Africa was established in 1993 in order to train native Africans to become pastors and missionaries.


Grace Bible College
of East Africa: 


Grace Bible College of East Africa was founded in 1993 by Pastor Richard Shin. Since 2003, Missionary James Yoon has been serving as the school's president. Grace College educated over 700 native Africans to become pastors. In addition to education and pastoral training, seminars and conferences are held regularly with the aim of assisting African pastors gain the tools necessary to effectively spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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"Saving Jesus Christ Biblical Enigmas" is a book authored by Pastor James Yoon, which seeks to attract the attention of young readers, the future of our nation. The messages presented in his writings seek to increase the faith of young readers, who will eventually become the leaders of the nation, and endeavors to encourage these future leaders to promote love, compassion, and work towards a society free of violence, immorality, and vice.



Although churches in Kenya, as well as throughout the continent, appear to be growing, they are unfortunately tainted with corruption. It is the hope of the ministry to spark a movement of repentance that resonates throughout Kenya and beyond.  We wish to be a spark that kindles the fire of revival, which burns the entire African continent with God's word.

Currently around 2,000 children are attending four schools located in less fortunate villages of Kiberia and Kairobangi. An elementary school is also located in the village of Masai.

Pastor Yoon and his wife, Grace, currently live with 40 African orphans, minister to AIDS-afflicted widows and operate a mobile medical mission.