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About Missionary Pastor James Yoon;

In January of 2003, I went to Africa as a missionary. My initial plan was returning to America one year later to start a brand new church in America, but God had other plans. While in Kenya, I felt much compassion toward the tribal people of Masai. They were poor, malnourished, dirty, and sick. I prayed, “Lord, please send them a better missionary than me who can share the Gospel with them and take better care of them.” God answered my prayer, saying, “You are that missionary. This is why I called you to Africa.” I was shocked. I couldn’t believe God called me to do this work. I repented and decided to carry out God’s plan. Afterwards, God blessed our mission work in Kenya. When I came on board 15 years ago, our missionary organization had planted 140 churches. We grew that number to 330 churches. Over 700 African native pastors received training at our two-year course bible college. Four elementary schools got established in slum areas where 1,500 students are currently enrolled being taught by 100 teachers. In Masai, with a population of 300,000 people, we established an elementary school with 500 students, as well as, planting five more churches. My father who passed away while serving as a missionary in Kenya started a mobile medical clinic in Masai. I am continuing this work with doctors and nurse.

All glory to God!

My Family;

Missionary James Yoon (Born December 14, 1956), Wife Grace, Daughter Christina, and Son John

Missionary in Kenya since 2003, Director of Glory Ministries in Kenya

President of Grace College of East Africa, President of Korean Missionary Association in Kenya, Chairman of Glory School, Principal of Grace Children Home


About Missionary Grace Yoon;


When I was fifteen years old, I went to serve at an orphanage with my older sister and ladies from our church. The scene was very shocking to me. First, as soon as the entrance door opened, the room was full of babies less than one month old. They were all crying very sadly. We hurriedly fed the crying babies with milk. The babies didn’t have names, so we had to name each one and come up with their date of birth. They were all street babies, abandoned by their mothers. When I went downstairs, I was shocked even more. The room was full of deformed babies. I just cried. As a fifteen year old, I couldn’t understand the situation. It was very confusing. “Our good God who created us is alive, how could this happen?” I thought. I cried and prayed while walking out of that orphanage, “Good Father God! There are seven days in a week, please allow me to meet these lost poor children six days and help them.” I made this prayer very sincerely. Afterwards, I met orphans, widows, the sick, and those who suffered wherever I went. It was amazing.

With my husband and two young children, I moved to Kenya in 2003. Since then, I have been ministering to orphans, widows, and especially patients with AIDs. When I first came to you, dear brothers and sisters, I didn’t use lofty words and impressive wisdom to tell you God’s secret plan. For I decided that while I was with you I would forget everything except Jesus Christ the one who was crucified. (I Corinthians 2:1-2)

As I shared the gospel with orphans who were abandoned by their parents and wives whose husband deserted them, I prayed for Holy Spirit’s guidance to teach Almighty God who is love and Jesus as our Savior.