Church Services


The Masai Tribe Ministry:

We have five churches ministering to the world famous Masai Tribes. We also have elementary school. 500 students are currently in attendance. We also provide food to Masai people where famine is common.

Masai Tribe Ministry
In addition to five churches that minister to the world famous Masai Tribes, we also have elementary school with over 500 students in attendance. Additionally, we provide them with food, as their provisions tend to be scarce due to famine.

Orphan Ministry:

Missionary Grace started the orphan ministry in 2004. Currently 40 orphans, some of which are afflicted with AIDS, are living on the compound with Missionaries Grace and James. Over 30 orphans have previously moved on and became adults and are still in touch with Grace and James and receive financial support.


Ministry to AIDs Widows:

There are many young widows with AIDS living in Kibera and Korogocho. They contracted the virus through their husbands, some of which succumbed to the virus or deserted their wives. These sick widows live in poverty with their children. 160 widows and their children are currently being ministered to and provided for.  Every day, the number grows and some of them pass away.  Missionaries Grace and James share the message of eternal life with them.  When a widow passes away, leaving behind their children, the children are then raised in the orphanage.

Mobile Medical Mission:

Medical care is administered to people of Masai and other rural areas where no medical clinics or hospitals exist.


The Water Project:

Wells are dug in areas where water supply is scarce.